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Band members: Francis Rossi, Andy Bown, John "Rhino" Edwards, Leon Cave, Richie Malone

Setlist UK Spring / European Summer Tour: Caroline, Rain (Rhino voc), Little Lady (Richie voc), Softer Ride, Beginning of the End, Hold You Back, QUO Medley incl. What You're Proposin' / Down The Dustpipe / Wild Side of life / Railroad / Again and Again (Rhino voc) / Mystery Song (Richie voc), The Oriental, Cut Me some Slack, Liberty Lane, In The Army Now, Roll over lay Down, Down Down, Whatever You Want (Andy voc), Rockin'all over the World - Encore: Paper Plane.

Setlist UK / European Winter Tour: Caroline, Rain (Rhino voc), Little Lady (Richie voc), Softer Ride, Beginning of the End, Hold You Back, Rock'n'Roll'n' You, Twenty Wild Horses, QUO Medley incl. What You're Proposin' / Down The Dustpipe / Somethin' Bout You Baby I Like (full version) / Wild Side of life / Rolling Home (longer version) / Railroad / Again and Again (Rhino voc), Mystery Song (Richie voc), The Oriental, In My Chair, Cut Me some Slack, Liberty Lane, In The Army Now, Roll over lay Down, Down Down, Whatever You Want (Andy voc), Rockin'all over the World - Encore: Don't Waste My Time.

Tour Crew: Andrew Keightley (Tour Manager), Lyane Ngan (Band Personal Assistant), Ewan Cameron (Lightning Director), Andy May (FOH Sound Engineer), Tim Franklin (Monitor Engineer), Lloyd Gilbert (Stage Manager/Guitar Tech), Andy Brook (Guitar Tech), Andy Tomkins (Keyboard / BassTech), Benny Calvert (Drum Tech).

Merchandiser: Global Merchandising Services Ltd.  Management: Duroc Media Ltd. Manager: Simon Porter.
Additional / Unusual songs performed: Backing Off, Get Out Of My Head (Richie voc > both only on their UK March gigs), Don't Waste My Time (encore with Paper Plane mostly during the summer shows), Down Down with a sort of jam (during some of the summer gigs). Quo did a shorter set at their summer festival shows without the Backbone tracks Backin' Off and Get Out Of My Head, Burning Bridges (Encore UK Christmas Tour)..

Support bands: Dea Matrona* (Dublin and Belfast), Laurence Jones (UK SpringTour), The Wake Woods+ (German dates in September and November), Shakin' Stevens** (Winter Tour UK), Manfred Mann's Earthband# (German Winter Tour in Dezember)

Tour Notes:  Due to the ongoing COVID uncertainty in Europe, Quo and their management have rescheduled the mainland European dates between March and April 2022 to later in the year. Quo cancelled their Karjurock Usikaupunki festival gig at Lokalahti, Finland 23.7.2022 by short hand because the organizers of the festival didn't fully comply with the bands raider and stage requirements, which are an integral part of their contract.




27/02/  UK, Belfast* - Waterfront Hall | 47' min. AUD Quality: 4

28/02/  IRELAND, Dublin* - Olympia Theatre | 101' min. AUD Quality: 4

02/03/  UK, Hull - Bonus Arena | 103' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

03/03/  UK, Stockton - Globe | 102' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

05/03/  UK, Liverpool - Philharmonic Hall

06/03/  UK, Birmingham - Symphony Hall

08/03/  UK, Southend On Sea - Cliffs Pavilion | 98' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

09/03/  UK, Ipswich - Regent Theatre

11/03/  UK, Leicester - De Montfort Hall | 69' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

12/03/  UK, Guildford - G Live | 104' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

14/03/  UK, Manchester - Bridgewater Hall | 104' min. AUD Quality: 3

15/03/  UK, Cardiff - St. David's Hall

17/03/  UK, Oxford - New Theatre | 102' min. AUD Quality: 3

18/03/  UK, Bath - The Forum

10/06/  DENMARK, Viborg - Tinghallen Comvent Arena

11/06/  DENMARK, Middelfart - Rock under the Bridge Festival

24/06/  SPAIN, Bilbao - Bilbao Arena

25/06/  FRANCE, Cháteau de Tilloloy - Retro CTrop Festival (with Alice Cooper)

30/06/  BELGIUM, Hemiksem - Festival

16/07/  FRANCE, Morzine Avoriaz - Harley Days Festival | 61' min. AUD Quality: 4

22/07/  FINLAND, Tampere - Tampere Hall

29/07/  HOLLAND, Veenhoop - Festival

05/08/  SWEDEN, Knislinge - Parkgatan Time To Rock Festival | 73' min. AUD Quality: 4

10/08/  SWITZERLAND, Avenches - Rock Oz'Arenes

26/08/  SWITZERLAND, Aarburg - Festivalgelände

10/09/  GERMANY, Germersheim - Mercedes-Benz Global Logistics Center (Open-Air)

12/09/  FRANCE, Paris - L'Olympia

13/09/  FRANCE, Lyon - Le Transbordeur | 47' min. AUD Quality: 3

16/09/  GERMANY, Aalen - Firmensitz Palm Papierfabrik Neukochen (private gig celebrating 150 years of Palm)

17/09/  GERMANY, Augsburg - Kongress am Park+

19/09/  GERMANY, Dresden - Kulturpalast+ | 93' min. AUD Quality: 3

20/09/  BELGIUM, Brussels - Ancienne Belgique | 81' min. AUD Quality: 4 -

10/11/  GERMANY, Halle - Händel Halle+ | 108' min. AUD Quality: 3

11/11/  LUXEMBOURG, Esch sur Alzette - Rockhal Main Hall

14/11/  GERMANY, Krefeld - Seidenweberhaus+ | 108' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

15/11/  GERMANY, Rostock - Stadthalle+ | 109' min. AUD Quality: 3 - 4

17/11/  GERMANY, Rietberg - Cultura+ | 109' min. AUD Quality: 4

19/11/  FRANCE, Roubaix - The Colosseum

21/11/  HOLLAND, Tilburg - Poppodium 013 | 107' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

22/11/  GERMANY, Saarbrücken - Saarlandhalle+

25/11/  UK, Aberdeen - P&J Live**

26/11/  UK, Glasgow - SEC Armadillo** | 98' min. AUD Quality: 3

28/11/  UK, Leeds - FD Arena** | 107' min. AUD Quality: 3 -

30/11/  UK, Brighton - Centre** | 107' min. AUD Quality: 3 +

01/12/  UK, Bournemouth - BIC**

03/12/  UK, London - Wembley Arena** | 107' min. AUD Quality: 4

05/12/  GERMANY, Düsseldorf - Mitsubishi Electric Halle#

07/12/  GERMANY - Erfurt - Messehalle# | 107' min. AUD Quality: 3

08/12/  GERMANY, Frankfurt - Jahrhunderthalle#

10/12/  GERMANY, Stuttgart - Porsche Arena#

11/12/  GERMANY, München - Olympiahalle#

13/12/  GERMANY, Hamburg - Barclaycard Arena#

14/12/  GERMANY, Berlin - Max Schmeling Halle#

16/12/  GERMANY, Hannover - Swiss Live Hall# | 109' min. AUD Quality: 3 

17/12/  GERMANY, Lingen - Emsland Arena#  | 106' min. AUD Quality: 3 +


23.07.2022 - Statement by Simon Porter, Quo's manager about the cancellation at Karjurock Festival, Finland:

The band is very upset to disappoint their fans, but the festival organisers failed to comply with the band’s technical rider and staging requirements, which form an integral part of the contract. As such, it was impossible for the band to perform to the standards both they and their fans would expect. In the interest of clarity and transparency the technical rider concerns power and staging necessities. It is separate from the ‘dressing room rider’ i.e. food, refreshments etc.

10.09.2022 - To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous Insel Grün Rock Festival in Germersheim, Germany - Mercedes-Benz sponsors this special open-Air event with Status Quo, Uriah Heep and Nazareth at their huge areal on the island Green in Germersheim. All three bands performed in May 1972 and are still touring all over the world.

16.09.2022 - Status Quo performed a special private corporated gig in front of 800 invited guests to celebrate 150 years of german paper & packaging factory Palm at the headquarter in Neukochen Aalen, Germany. Here are two videoclips of the event - Link:   and Status Quo at Palm Paper 150 Year Celebration - YouTube                                  

21.11.2022 - Richie Malone celebrated in Tilburg, Holland his 200th show with Quo since joining them in Leuven, Belgium. 20.7.2016.

11.12.2022 - The band was special guests at the german DEL Icehockey game Red Bull Munich vs Adler Mannheim in the sell out Olympic Ice hall and did the opening bully. Unfortunatly the band had to leave earlier for their Soundcheck in the Olympiahalle.

14.12.2022 - A bloody blister! - Francis had problems with his new shoes and came back for the Berlin encore without his right shoe to play Don't Waste My Time on bloody socks! What a picture... (by Achim Wenz)




17.12.2022 - Lingen, Germany will be Leon's 396th Quo gig since joining Quo in Frankfurt, Germany 25.5.2013. Well done..!


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