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Band members: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan

Additional Musician: Andy Bown (Keyboards)
Main Setlist:
Caroline, Roll over lay down, Backwater, Little Lady, Don't drive my Car, Whatever You Want, Hold You Back, Somethin' bout you Baby I Like, Rockin'all over the World, Over the Edge, What you're Proposing, In my Chair, Rock' n Roll, Dirty Water, 4500 Times, Big Fat Mama, Don't waste my Time, Roadhouse Blues, Rain, Down Down, Drumsolo John, Bye Bye Johnny.
Additional/unusual songs performed: Oh Carol. Also a couple of songs in the Set taken from 3 "new" albums: Whatever You Want, Just Supposin' and Never Too Late.
Tour Crew:  Iain Jones (Tour Manager), John Thompson (Stage Manager/Out Front Mix), George Harvey (Lightning engineer), Pete Carr (Guitar tech), Arthur Kemish (Drum tech), Dave Wright (Keyboard & Bass Guitar tech). Management: Quarry Production. Manager: Colin Johnson, Alan Crux. Tour Merchandiser: Bravado

No Support Acts!
Tour Note: The shows in Bremen 9.4.1981 and
Kassel, Germany 11.4.1981 were cancelled due to Rossi's throat infection. The 1st Tour without Bob Young as Tourmanager & Musician. There were several dates where Alan Lancaster had to cover  Rick Parfitt's  vocal parts during the second batch of UK dates in May.  Wembley Arena 26.5.1981 was one of the gigs that Rick had no voice and Alan had to sing all his songs in the set.




06/03/  UK, St. Austell - Cornwall Coliseum | 140'min. AUD Quality: 3
07/03/  UK, St. Austell - Cornwall Coliseum | 140'min. AUD Quality: 3
11/03/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon
12/03/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon | 120' min. AUD Quality: 3
13/03/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon | 120' min. AUD Quality: 3
14/03/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon | 140' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
15/03/  UK, Manchester - Apollo
16/03/  UK, Manchester - Apollo | 140' min. AUD Quality: 3
18/03/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre | 140' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
19/03/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre | 140' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
20/03/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C.

21/03/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C.
22/03/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C.
24/03/  FRANCE, Rouen - Chapiteau Parc Expositions
25/03/  FRANCE, Le Mans - Salle de la Rotonde | 130' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
27/03/  BELGIUM, Brussels - Vorest National
28/03/  HOLLAND, Rotterdam - Ahoy Hall | 135' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
29/03/  GERMANY, Dortmund - Westfalenhalle
30/03/  GERMANY, Düsseldorf - Philipshalle
01/04/  GERMANY, Münster - Münsterlandhalle
03/04/  NORWAY, Drammen - Drammenshallen | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3
04/04/  SWEDEN, Stockholm - Isstadion | 135' min. AUD Quality: 4
05/04/  DENMARK, Copenhagen - Forum
07/04/  GERMANY, Hamburg - Ernst-Merck-Halle
08/04/  GERMANY, Hannover - Niedersachsenhalle

12/04/  GERMANY, Crailsheim - Großsporthalle
13/04/  GERMANY, Nürnberg - Hemmerleinhalle
14/04/  GERMANY, Ludwigshafen - Eberthalle
15/04/  GERMANY, München - Olympiahalle
16/04/  GERMANY, Stuttgart/Sindelfingen - Messehalle
18/04/  GERMANY, Rüsselsheim - Walter-Köbel Halle
19/04/  GERMANY, Saarbrücken - Saarlandhalle
20/04/  GERMANY, Freiburg - Stadthalle
22/04/  ITALY, Ortisei - Palazzo del Ghiaccio
23/04/  ITALY, Bologna - Palasport
25/04/  ITALY, San Remo - Stadio San Remo (Outdoor 5pm show)
26/04/  ITALY, Rome - Palasport
27/04/  ITALY, Udine - Stadio Friuli | 135' min. AUD Quality: 4
28/04/  ITALY, Mestre - Palasport
29/04/  ITALY, Turin - Palasport | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
30/04/  ITALY, Cantu - Palasport Cucciago | 135' min. AUD Quality: 3
02/05/  SWITZERLAND, Winterthur - Eulach Halle | 130' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
03/05/  SWITZERLAND, Lausanne - Palais de Beaulieu
04/05/  FRANCE, Nice - St. Laurant du Var Esplanade
05/05/  FRANCE, Marseille - Parc Chanot
06/05/  SPAIN, Barcelona - Palacio Deportivo
07/05/  SPAIN, Valencia - Pavillion Sportivo
08/05/  SPAIN, Madrid - Pabellon Deportivo | 80' min. AUD Quality: 3

10/05/  PORTUGAL, Cascais - Casino
11/05/  PORTUGAL, Porto - O'Club
14/05/  FRANCE, Colomiers - Hall Comminges
15/05/  FRANCE, Bordeaux - Parc des Expo
16/05/  FRANCE, Nantes - Parc de la Beaujoire | 130' min. AUD Quality: 4
18/05/  FRANCE, Paris - Hippodrome de Pantin | 75' min. FM Quality: 3 ++
19/05/  FRANCE, Grenoble - Alp Expo
20/05/  FRANCE, Dijon - Palais des Sports
21/05/  FRANCE, Strasbourg - Hall du Rhenus
22/05/  FRANCE, Metz - Parc des Expositions
23/05/  FRANCE, Lille - Palais des Sports
26/05/  UK, London - Wembley Arena
27/05/  UK, London - Wembley Arena | 95' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
28/05/  UK, London - Wembley Arena
29/05/  UK, Bridlington - Spa Pavilion
30/05/  UK, Chester - Deeside Leisure Centre
31/05/  UK, Carlisle - Market Hall | 20' min. AUD Quality: 1
02/06/  UK, Southampton - Gaumont Theatre
03/06/  UK, Southampton - Gaumont Theatre 


07.02.1980 - Rick Parfitt was investigated in hospital because he suffered on massive spine problems. The doctors told him to stop working and have a rest for 3 months. The german "Whatever You Want Tour 1980", which was already sold-out and due to kick-off in Munich Olympiahalle, March 1, had to be cancelled and this was really a big disappointment for all german Status Quo fans who were looking forward to this tour, especially when the news came up that the cancelled tour wasn't rescheduled.Cancelled german tour dates 1980: 15.3. München, 16.3. Kassel, 18.3. Ludwigshafen, 20.3. Köln, 21.3. Düsseldorf, 22.3. Nürnberg, 23.3. Hof, 25.3. Münster, 27.3. Bremen, 29.3. Hamburg, 30.3. Berlin, 1.4. Rüsselsheim, 3.4. Wolfsburg, 5.4. Sindelfingen, 6.4. Freiburg, 7.4. Essen.


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09.02.1980 - Italy was also included in the cancelled "Whatever You Want" Tour schedule: there were promo T-shirt made and a music magazine that advertise the forthcoming tour of Quo in Italy. The band (minus Andy) came to San Remo for promotion playing at the Italian San Remo Music Festival 1980.  On February, 9th they played Whatever You Want and on February, 10th  they played Caroline, Roll Over Lay Down, Rain and Whatever You Want.  They mimed to the studio versions of those songs. 

They recorded also some songs (shown later on TV in August 1980): Whatever You Want, Living On An Island, Rockin' All Over the World again miming to the tapes.

01.03.1980 - Cancelled France tour dates 1980: 1.3. Lille, 2.3. Rouen, 3.3. Nantes, 4.3. Bordeaux, 5.3. Toulouse, 7.3. Marseille, 8.3. Nice, 11.3. Strasbourg, 12.3. Nancy, 13.3. Reims, 14.3. Dijon.

25.04.1981 - Italian Quofan Max Robinson found two pieces of italian newspapers reviewing the San Remo and Torino gigs. They are both good reviews but the San Remo one is really interesting because it says that the show from April 24th wasn't played on that day. The north of Italy was hit by heavy rain and storms on Friday, April 24th. San Remo is a town by the sea and even in April the temperature is really nice and warm, so an open air show in April is not a big surprise.  When Rick Parfitt said after the Never Too Late Tour that the San Remo show was one of the worst in his career I assumed that it had to be with the fact that, because of the heavy rain, very few people turned up to see the band live. The show was simply postponed to the 25th of April, Saturday at 5 p.m. in the San Remo football stadium.  According to the italian newspaper the attendance was only 3000 people.

26.04.1981 Rumours said, that during Roadhouse Blues (at the Rome Gig 26.4.1981) Alan started fighting with someone just down the front of the stage and never got back on stage and the show finished halfway through that song. Italian Fan Max Robinson once asked Rossi about that but Frame, as usual, started messing about and joking and Max had no real answer.....!

03.06.1981 - John Coghlan's final show with Status Quo at Southampton Gaumont Theatre until 2013.


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