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Band members: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown, John Edwards, Jeff Rich

Main Setlist: Paper Plane, Softer Ride, The Wanderer, Proud Mary, Fun Fun Fun, Backwater, Mystery Medley, Gerdundula, Get Back, Get Out of Denver, Whatever You Want, In the Army Now, Somethin'bout you Baby I Like, Don't waste my Time, Rockin'all over the World, Roadhouse Blues, Caroline, Anniversary Waltz incl. Bye Bye Johnny.
Additional songs performed: All around my Hat in the UK Setlist with Maddy Prior on guest vocals.
Tour Crew: Peter Hillier (Tour Manager), Andy Taylor (Sound Engineer), Dave Salt (Stage Manager/Bass Tech), Simon Rossi (Band Personal Assistant), Andrew Carman (Drum Tech), Pat Marks (Lightning Designer), Tim Franklin (Monitor Engineer), Alan "Tonto" Jhowry (Guitar Tech), Bryan Wilson (Rigger), Ben Leach (Backline), Marcus Viner (Video Operator), Julie Devine (Wardrobe), Alf Weaver (Security)  Merchandiser: Niceman Europe Ltd.  Management: Handle Group of Companies  Manager: David Walker.

Support Band: Steeleye Span (UK Tour)
Tour Notes:
the first ever gigs in Poland, also USA, Japan & Australia back on the map. 22 shows cancelled due to problems with promoter, technical reasons or poor ticket sales (Gdansk, Ulm), french lorry drivers strike (Belfast 26. & 27.11.), Francis flu (Plymouth 11.12. postponed 22.12.) and Rick's heart surgery (Summer of 1997).




09/11/  SWEDEN, Timra - Isstadion | 55' min. FM Quality: 4 +
10/11/  SWEDEN, Stockholm - Circus | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4
13/11/  POLAND, Warsaw - Colloseum
14/11/  POLAND, Katowice - Spodek Hall
16/11/  AUSTRIA, Wien - Libro Music Hall
17/11/  AUSTRIA, Graz - Orpheum
20/11/  GERMANY, Ludwigshafen - Eberthalle
22/11/  FRANCE, Mulhouse - La Phoenix | 80' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
23/11/  FRANCE, Paris - Olympia | 74' min. AUD Quality: 4
24/11/  FRANCE, Lille - Le Zenith
28/11/  UK, Newry - Sports Centre (no support)
30/11/  UK, Dungannon - Leisure Cente (no support)
01/12/  IRELAND, Dublin - The Point (no support)
03/12/  UK, Swindon - Oasis Centre
05/12/  UK, Cardiff - Arena
06/12/  UK, Bridlington - Spa Centre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
07/12/  UK, Glasgow - S.E.C.C.
08/12/  UK, Newcastle - Arena
09/12/  UK, Sheffield - Arena | 60' min. AUD Quality: 2
12/12/  UK, Brighton - Centre | 60' min. FM Quality: 5
13/12/  UK, Brighton - Centre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
14/12/  UK, London - Wembley Arena | 99' min. AUD Quality: 4 +
15/12/  UK, London - Wembley Arena | 100' min. AUD Quality: 4 +
17/12/  UK, Manchester, Nynex Arena | 75' min. AUD Quality: 3 - 4
18/12/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C.
19/12/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C.
20/12/  UK, Bournemouth - B.I.C.
21/12/  UK, Bournemouth - B.I.C.
22/12/  UK, Plymouth - Pavilions




27/02/  JAPAN, Tokyo - Shibuya Hall | 95' min. AUD Quality: 4
28/02/  JAPAN, Tokyo - Club Quattro | 81' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
01/03/  JAPAN, Osaka - Club Quattro
04/03/  AUSTRALIA, Gold Coast - Twin Towns Auditorium
05/03/  AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Enmore Theatre
06/03/  AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Enmore Theatre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
07/03/  AUSTRALIA, Gold Coast - Twin Towns Auditorium
08/03/  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane - Festivall Hall
10/03/  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide - Thebarton Theatre
11/03/  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne - Palais Theatre
12/03/  AUSTRALIA, Canberra - Royal Theatre
19/03/  USA, Los Angeles - House Of Blues | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
21/03/  CANADA, Toronto - The Warehouse
22/03/  USA, New York - Irving Plaza | 92' min. AUD Quality: 3
21/04/  UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Dubai - Al Nasr Leisureland
23/04/  BAHRAIN, Bahrain - Holiday Inn Palace
30/07/  UK, Sunderland - Stadium of light (Mini Test Gig)
02/08/  UK, Norwich - Carrow Road | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
07/08/  DENMARK, Frederikshavn - Knivholdt | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
08/08/  DENMARK, Skandeborg - Festival | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 -
09/08/  DENMARK, Copenhagen - Fermoeren | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
11/08/  DENMARK, Faroe Islands Torshavn - Torshavnhallen
04/09/  BELGIUM, Brussels - Tour & Taxis Warehouse (private Show)

25/09/  SWITZERLAND, Geneva - Arena | 84' min. AUD Quality: 4
26/09/  SWITZERLAND, Schupfart - Stadion Rock & Pop Festival


12.11.1996 - The first date of the polish tour in Gdansk Hala Olivii got cancelled at the last minute. The stage was all set up and the band did their soundcheck. The official reason for the cancellation was that it was too cold for the band to play as the venue serves as an ice rink. Fans reported that they didn't sell enough tickets and David Walker had some heated discussions with the local promoter. There was no local promotion for the gig and nobody outside the venue. Only a handful of fans stand in front of the stage and were asked to leave the venue. They also received some tour programme as a free souvenir from Dave Salt to cheer them up a bit.

19.11.1996 - The show in Ulm Donauhalle, Germany was cancelled due to poor ticket sales, with supposedly only 300 tickets actually sold.

26.11.1996 - Quo fell victim to a French lorry drivers strike. After three gigs in France, Quo's gear was loaded into trucks to be shipped back to England then over to Ireland ready for this first gig in Belfast. The strikers prevented trucks loading onto ferries and so, although Quo themselves arrived in Ireland in time for the gig, their gig was stuck on the wrong side of the English Channel for a couple of days. The strike was quickly resolved and the gear managed to arrive in time for the Newry gig on 28.11.

24.02.1997 - the band set off to Japan for the first tour in more than 20 years.

Status Quo's first concert kicked off in Japan at the Shibuya Public Hall of Tokyo on 27.2.1997. 2 more shows were played in Japan.

04.03.1997 -  also the first australian tour in more than 20 years started at the Twin Towns Service Club. A total of 7 concerts were played in Australia.

19.03.1997 -  Status Quo in the USA/North America: the House of Blues, Los Angeles saw a rocking Status Quo and it was followed by a show in Toronto,Canada at the 21st March and one show in New York at the 22nd March.

 30.04.1997 - the shock; Rick Parfitt with an quadruple by-pass emergency operation. All scheduled concerts had to be cancelled.

 30.07.1997 - opening of Sunderlands new football stadium - "stadium of light". It was the first time that Rick Parfitt was back on stage since his quadruple bypass operaton way back in April 30. Status Quo played a shorter set.

02.08.1997 - one of the most important concerts in Status Quo's long career took place at the football-ground of Norwich FC, "Carrow Road". 15,000 fans turned up to see the first full show of Rick Parfitt after his quadruple heart bypass.