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Band members: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan
Additional Musician: Bob Young
(harmonica), Andy Bown (keyboards on some of the tracks and only a couple of gigs)

Main Setlist: Junior's Wailing, Mad about the Boy, Backwater / Just take me, Is there a better Way, In my Chair, Little Lady / Most of the Time, 4500 Times, Rain, Roll over lay Down, Don't waste my Time, Roadhouse Blues, Caroline, Bye Bye Johnny.
Additional songs performed: Ring of a Change only heard at a handful of shows.
Tour Crew:  Bob Young (Tour Manager), Mal Kingsnorth (Sound engineer), John Thompson (Monitor engineer), George Harvey (Lightning engineer), Mal Graggs (Guitar tech), Roger Colpus (drum tech),  Ian & David Black (P.A.) Tana Douglas (Lightning Roadie). Wane Jarvis (Stage Equipment), Jim McAndrew (Band Transportation) Management: Quarry Production, Manager: Colin Johnson, Alan Crux.

Support Bands: Shanghai (UK & German Tour), Kevin Borich Express (Australia)
Tour Notes: Their last
US Tour in the 70's supporting bands like Wishbone Ash, Peter Frampton, Fleetwood Mac, Ted Nugent, Gary Wright, Slade and Foghat. During the recording of the LIVE Double Album at Glasgow Apollo Theatre  27.-29.10.1976, Andrew Bown  (Keyboards) starting to work with the band for the first time on stage. The French Festival  Orange'76 at Arenes Romaines de Nimes (with Quo, Rory Gallagher, Patti Smith) on 27th of August 1976, Rennes 3/2/77 and Toulouse 7/2/77 were cancelled.



27/02/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon (Tour support Shanghai)
28/02/  UK, London - Hammersmith Odeon
02/03/  UK, Liverpool - Empire Theatre
03/03/  UK, Liverpool - Empire Theatre
04/03/  UK, Liverpool - Empire Theatre
05/03/  UK, Bridlington - Spa Pavilion
07/03/  UK, Stafford - Bingley Hall | 80'min. AUD Quality: 4
08/03/  UK, Newcastle - City Hall
09/03/  UK, Newcastle - City Hall
10/03/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre | 90'min. AUD Quality: 3
11/03/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre
12/03/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre
14/03/  UK, Cardiff - Capitol Theatre
15/03/  UK, Cardiff - Capitol Theatre
30/03/  USA, Philadelphia - The Spectrum (support to Robin Trower)

03/04/  USA, San Diego - Sports Arena (support to BTO and Wishbone Ash)
05/04/  USA, Salt Lake City - Terrace Ballroom (support to Wishbone Ash)
06/04/  USA, Columbus - Vet' Memorial Auditorium (support Foghat)

09/04/  USA, Huntington - Marshall University (with Foghat and Montrose)
11/04/  USA, Ohio - Youngstown Tomorrow Club (support Ace)

13/04/  USA, Detroit - Ford Auditorium (support Heart)

14/04/  USA, Medford - Armory Theatre (support to Wishbone Ash and Savoy Brown)

16/04/  USA, Portland - Paramount Theatre(support to Wishbone Ash)
17/04/  USA, Spokane - Convention Centre (support to Wishbone Ash)

18/04/  USA, Seattle - Seattle Centre (with Sammy Hagar and Wishbone Ash)

21/04/  USA, Dallas - McFarlin Auditorium

22/04/  USA, Fresno - Selland Arena (support to Fleetwood Mac and Gary Wright)
23/04/  USA, San Diego - Sports Arena (support to Robin Trower)

24/04/  USA, San Bernardino - Swing Auditorium (support to Gary Wright and Robin Trower)

25/04/  USA, Oakland - Coliseum ("The British Are Back" with Fleetwood Mac, Peter Frampton, Gary Wright)

26/04/  USA, Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium (support to Ted Nugent, Crack the Sky)

27/04/  USA, Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium (support to Ted Nugent, Crack the Sky)

28/04/  USA, Kansas City - Kemper Arena (support to Aerosmith)

29/04/  USA, Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium (support to Ted Nugent, Crack the Sky)

30/04/  USA, Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium (support to Ted Nugent, Crack the Sky)

01/05/  USA, St. Louis - Ambassador Theatre (support to Wishbone Ash)

02/05/  USA, St. Louis - Ambassador Theatre (support to Wishbone Ash)

04/05/  USA, Royal Oak - Music Theater (2 shows with Savoy Brown, Dr. Hook)

08/05/  USA, Chicago - Ice Arena (support Earl Slick Band)

25/05/  AUSTRIA, Dornbirn - Stadthalle
26/05/  AUSTRIA, Wien - Kurhalle Oberlah
27/05/  AUSTRIA, Graz - Eisstadion Liebenau
29/05/  GERMANY, Esslingen am Neckar - Halle am Emil-Bauer Stadion
30/05/  GERMANY, Offenbach - Stadthalle (support Shanghai)
01/06/  GERMANY, Neumünster - Holstenhalle
02/06/  GERMANY, Hannover - Niedersachsenhalle
04/06/  GERMANY, Köln - Sporthalle
05/06/  GERMANY, Krefeld - Eisstadion (support Colloseum II, Scorpions, Wallenstein)
06/06/  GERMANY, Dortmund - Westfalenhalle
24/07/  UK, Cardiff - Castle | 80'min. AUD Quality: 2 -
14/08/  BELGIUM, Bilzen - Festival (with Steeleye Span, Rick Wakeman)
15/08/  HOLLAND, Rotterdam - Ahoy Hall (support Black Oak Arkansas)
20/08/  SWEDEN, Stockholm - Gröna Lund | 75'min. AUD Quality: 2
21/08/  SWEDEN, Gothenburg - Liseberg(with Black Oak Arkansas, Ruby Starr) | 60'min. AUD Quality: 2

05/09/  ISLE OF MAN, Douglas - Palace Lido

27/10/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre (support Nutz)
28/10/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre (support Nutz) 
29/10/  UK, Glasgow - Apollo Theatre (support Nutz)
14/11/  JAPAN, Tokyo - Sun Plaza Hall
17/11/  JAPAN, Tokyo - Sun Plaza Hall | 96'min.  AUD Quality: 4
18/11/  JAPAN, Kyoto - Kayabuki Concert Hall

19/11/  JAPAN, Osaka - Nishiku Koseinenkin Hall | 96'min. AUD Quality: 3

21/11/  JAPAN, Nakoya - Shi Kakaido Hall
24/11/  AUSTRALIA, Perth - Entertainment Centre
27/11/  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide - Memorial Drive | 30'min. AUD Quality: 2
28/11/  AUSTRALIA, Adelaide - Memorial Drive

02/12/  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne - Myer Music Bowl | 100'min. AUD Quality: 3
03/12/  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne - Myer Music Bowl
04/12/  AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Hordern Pavilion
05/12/  AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Hordern Pavilion
07/12/  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane - Festival Hall
11/12/  NEW ZEALAND, Auckland - Carlaw Park



09/01/  UK, Stafford - Bingley Hall (Daily Mirror Pop Club Festival)
28/01/  FRANCE, Le Mans - La Rotonde | 60'min. AUD Quality: 3
29/01/  FRANCE, Le Havre - Salle de la Gare Maritime

30/01/  FRANCE, Cambrai - Palais des Grottes | 50' min. AUD Quality: 3
31/01/  FRANCE, Paris - Pavillion de Pantin | 100' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
02/02/  FRANCE, Poitiers - Arenes

04/02/  FRANCE, Vitrolles - Salle des fêtes
05/02/  FRANCE, Clermont Ferrand - Maison des Sports
06/02/  FRANCE, Montpellier - Palais des Sports

08/02/  FRANCE, Nice - Theatre de Verdure
09/02/  FRANCE, Bourges - La Halle
10/02/  FRANCE, Reims - L'Opera
11/02/  FRANCE, Colmar - Parc des Exposition
12/02/  FRANCE, Dijon - Palais des Congrés
13/02/  FRANCE, Lyon - Palais des Sports | 45'min. AUD Quality: 3
26/02/  HOLLAND, Amsterdam - Jaap Eden Hall | 90'min. AUD Quality: 3
27/02/  BELGIUM, Antwerp - Deurne Arena Hall | 90'min. AUD Quality: 3
01/03/  GERMANY, Kiel - Ostseehalle

02/03/  GERMANY, Hannover - Niedersachsenhalle
03/03/  GERMANY, Hamburg - Markthalle
04/03/  GERMANY, Wolfsburg - Stadthalle
05/03/  GERMANY, Bremerhaven - Stadthalle
06/03/  GERMANY, Saarbrücken - Saarlandhalle
08/03/  GERMANY, Dortmund - Westfalenhalle
09/03/  GERMANY, Hof - Freiheitshalle
10/03/  GERMANY, München - Deutsches Museum
11/03/  SWITZERLAND, Geneve - Pavillon des Sports 
12/03/  SWITZERLAND, Winterthur - Eulach Halle

13/03/  AUSTRIA, Dornbirn - Stadthalle

15/03/  GERMANY, Essen - Grugahalle

16/03/  GERMANY, Wiesbaden - Rhein Main Halle

21/03/  GERMANY, Passau - Niebelungenhalle

22/03/  YUGOSLAVIA, Belgrade - Pinki Hall

09/04/  GERMANY, München - Olympiahalle (Easter Rock Festival)

10/04/  GERMANY, Dortmund - Westfalenhalle

07/09/  GERMANY, Hamburg - CCH Saal 1
08/09/  GERMANY, Hannover - Niedersachsenhalle
10/09/  GERMANY, Ludwigshafen - Eberthalle
11/09/  GERMANY, Köln - Sporthalle
13/09/  GERMANY, Berlin - Deutschlandhalle
15/09/  GERMANY, Düsseldorf - Philipshalle
16/09/  GERMANY, Wiesbaden - Rhein-Main Halle
18/09/  GERMANY, Stuttgart, Messehalle
21/09/  GERMANY, München, Olympiahalle


30.03.1976 - Quo started their last USA tour in the glory 70's at Philadelphia, supporting Robin Trower. The band did a few gigs on their own and lots of shows/festivals in huge US Arenas and Stadiums - supporting acts like Fleetwood Mac, Ted Nugent, Robin Trower,Gary Wright, Wishbone Ash and Peter Frampton. In Oakland Quo started the "British are Back Festival in front of 57.000 rockfans. All US tourdates are taken from US Billboard magazines.

28.05.1976 - an incident happened at Vienna's airport were it came to a scuffle between austrian police and Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster. The 3 band-members were put in prison and stayed the night there.

29.05.1976after the incident at the Vienna airport the band was able to continue their tour and played a thunderous show in Esslingen/Germany in front of a 7.000 crowd.

27/28/29.10.1976 - the Glasgow Apollo would serve as Quo's stage for recording of their first live album release, the double-album "Live!" - an effort which would become a standard in Quo's history. The packed houses for three nights at the Apollo put everything into getting themselves heard on record and the atmosphere on these recordings is superb and became one of Quo's most respected releases.
09.01.1977 - Quo won "Hard Rock act of the year" in the 1977 Daily Mirror Pop Club awards and played this special gig at Stafford's Bingley Hall.

09.04.1977 - Quo were headliner at the sold out Great Easter Rock 'n' Blues Express Festival in München and Dortmund, Germany. The line-up at both nights were: Status Quo, The Small Faces, Scorpions, Dr Feelgood, John Mayall and Harry Chapin. Mama Concerts organized this special event for Quo, to promote the release of the famous Glasgow LIVE Album in Germany.