Latest additions & corrections: 6-5-2023  [Rhino's Revenge 2023 Tourdates - Francis Live recordings & radio appearances]





Band members: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown, John Rhino Edwards, Jeff Rich
Main Setlist Europe:
  Down Down, Hold You Back, One man band, Softer Ride, The Wanderer, Living on an Island, The Way it Goes, Twenty Wild Horses, Under The Influence, Gerdundula, Roll over lay Down, In The Army Now, Whatever You Want, Rockin'all over the world, Mystery Medley, Caroline, Anniversary Waltz / Bye Bye Johnny.

Main Setlist UK: Down Down, The Wanderer, Little Lady, Twenty Wild Horses, Under The Influence, 4500 Times, Roll over lay down, Living on an island, Gerdundula, Keep' em Coming,  In The Army Now, Whatever You Want, Rockin'all over the world, Somethin'bout you Baby I Like, Roadhouse Blues, Anniversary Waltz, Matchstick Men, Caroline, Burning Bridges.

Additional songs performed: "Shine On" only in the UK Set for a very short time.
Tour Crew: Andy Taylor (Tour Manager/FOH Sound), Dave Salt (Stage Manager/Bass Tech), Lyane Ngan (Band Personal Assistant), Andrew Carman (Drum Tech), Pat Marks (Lightning Designer), Tim Franklin (Monitor Engineer), Alan "Tonto" Jhowry (Guitar Tech), John Harper (Rigger)  Merchandiser: Bravado International Group  Management: Handle Group of Companies  Manager: David Walker.

Support Band: Gwyn Ashton Band (UK Tour)
Tour Note: "MICHAEL JACKSON & FRIENDS"* - Quo played 2 shows for the Kosovo benefit with lots of famous international Stars. Setlist: Rockin'all over the World, Whatever You Want, Caroline, Don't waste My Time.
Also 6 shows were cancelled due to problems with the promoter or bad weather (Sweden: Umela, Sundsvall. Pitea, Gothenburg, Stockholm and UK: London Battersea Park).




24/05/  GERMANY, Bad Lippspringe - Flugplatz | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4+

25/06/  SOUTH KOREA, Seoul - Olympic Stadium*
27/06/  GERMANY, München - Olympia Stadion* | 20' min. TV Quality: 4
16/07/  HOLLAND, Lichtenvoorde - Festival | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4
17/07/  SWEDEN, Helsingborg - Hamntorget
19/07/  SWEDEN, Falun - Lugnet | 90 'min. AUD Quality: 4 -
21/07/  SWEDEN, Lulea - Delfinen | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 +
23/07/  SWEDEN, Bromolla - Strandangen | 90'min. AUD Quality: 4
24/07/  SWEDEN, Västervik - MC Dagar Gränsö Slott
25/07/  SWEDEN, Borgholm - Slottsrvinen
28/07/  SWEDEN, Eskilstuna - Strömsholmen | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
29/07/  SWEDEN, Smögen - Magasinet
30/07/  SWEDEN, Karlskoga - Stranddagarna | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
31/07/  DENMARK, Langeland - Rudkoping
06/08/  BELGIUM, Glabbeek - Strandfuif | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4 +
08/08/  UK, Belfast - Leisure Centre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
20/08/  SWITZERLAND, Luetisburg - Festival | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3
02/10/  UK, Manchester - Apollo Theatre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4
04/10/  UK, Nottingham - Royal Concert Hall | 90' min. AUD Quality: 4
06/10/  UK, Bridlington - Spa Centre
07/10/  UK, Aberdeen - E. & C.C.
08/10/  UK, Newcastle - City Hall | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3
10/10/  UK, Glasgow - Armadillo
12/10/  UK, Blackpool - Empress Ballroom | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3 -
13/10/  UK, Sheffield - City Hall | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3
15/10/  UK, Carlisle - Sands Centre | 90' min. AUD Quality: 3
16/10/  UK, Birmingham - N.E.C. | 95' min. AUD Quality: 4
17/10/  UK, Cardiff - Arena
18/10/  UK, Brighton - Conference Centre
20/10/  UK, Bournemouth - B.I.C. | 95' min. AUD Quality: 3 +
21/10/  UK, Plymouth - Pavilions | 90' min. AUD Quality: 2
23/10/  UK, London - Wembley Arena |
100' min. AUD Quality: 4 +


25.06.1999 - the band is playing at the Michael Jackson & Friends charity festival "Concert for Kosovo" in Seoul; South Korea.

27.06.1999 -  another Michael Jackson charity "Concert for Kosovo" with Status Quo; this time in Munich, Olympic stadium. The band performed the songs "Rockin all over the world"; "Whatever you want"; "Caroline" and "Don't waste my time". The show was filmed and later broadcasted in europe.

02.10.1999 - the annual UK-tour kicked off in Manchester. Support acts are local bands and the special guest Gwyn Ashton. Something strange happened during this tour. The tour programmes are sold out before the tour ended. The reason was that the programmes were printed in an insufficient number, so not everybody who attended the tour could buy a programme. Therefore the “Under the influence” tour programme is became most collectable and very worthy with highest prices on auctions. Most notable the setlist of this tour; the first shows started with “Twenty wild horses” as opener and with the song ”Shine on”, but after the first shows the setlist was changed again. Quo started with “Down Down” and “Shine on” was being dropped from the setlist.