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Band: John Edwards (voc,b), Charlie Morgan (dr), Mike Casswell (g), Dave Goodes (g)




03/09/  UK, London - The Peel

05/09/  UK, London - 100Club (Album Launch Party)




05/05/  UK, London - Borderline

06/05/  UK, London - The Limelight




Band: John Edwards (voc,b), Mike Casswell (g), Dave Goodes (g), Matt Letley (dr)




21/05/  UK, London - Putney Half Moon

22/05/  UK, Birmingham - Academy 2

23/05/  UK, Peterborough - Met Lounge




Band: John Edwards (voc,b), Freddie Edwards (g), Max Edwards (dr)




08/04/  UK, Twickenham - Red Lion

15/09/  UK, London - The Peel

20/09/  UK, Twickenham - Red Lion

21/09/  UK, London - The Orange

19/11/  UK, London - Hammersmith Palais (Charity Gig)




06/04/  UK, London - The Peel

07/04/  UK, London - The Orange

08/04/  UK, London - The Hope & Anchor

21/09/  UK, Ipswich (private Gig)

22/09/  UK, London - The Hope & Anchor




26/01/  HOLLAND, Frieschepalen - Ma Kelly's Cafe

12/04/  FRANCE, Paris - Cabaret Sauvage (with Matt Letley)

31/07/  UK, London - The Peel

07/08/  UK, Bulldog Bash Festival

24/10/  UK, Twickenham - Rising Sun




16/01/  UK, Twickenham - Rising Sun

28/03/  UK, Slough - Thames Valley Harley Davidson's Grand Open Day

09/05/  UK, London - Chickenshead Theatre

22/05/  GERMANY, Duisburg - Parkhaus (Special Guest Ralf Oehmichen)

23/05/  HOLLAND, Frieschepalen - Ma Kelly's Cafe

25/09/  UK, London - The Half Moon

26/09/  FRANCE, Pas de Calais - Billy Montigny




12/02/  UK, London - The Westbury Arms

22/05/  UK, London - The Westbury Pub  




07/09/  UK, Enfield, Middlesex - The Dugdale Center




27/05/  UK, London - Half Moon

29/05/  HOLLAND, Frieschepalen - Ma Kelly's Cafe

08/07/  UK, London - Grey Horse




Line-Up 2015: John Edwards (voc,b, g), Freddie Edwards (g), Max Edwards (dr), Matthew Starritt (g,harp,voc)

Setlist 2015: One Note Blues, Secretary, Cougar, Busy Doin' Nothin', Tomorrow is Today, Two Way Traffic, Gravy Train,  Famous, Obstruction Day, My Name Is Stan, Bellavista Man, Republican, Dust To Gold, Bad News, Spend Spend Spend, Jam Side Down.

Additional songs performed 2015: Jungle Love, The One & Only and Paper Plane.

Tour Notes: *support for Hayseed Dixie on 5 dates of their UK 2015 Tour. UK shows with Eddie and the hot Rods in February 2016 and rescheduled gigs in Europe (Germany, France and Holland) in April 2016 were cancelled due to Rhinos illness and Status Quo commitments. Plans for UK shows by Rhino's Revenge have been shelved to allow Rhino a full recovery from his recent illness.




06/03/  UK, London - 100 Club (Album Launch Party) | 72'min. AUD Quality: 4

07/03/  UK, Paisley - The Bungalow

10/03/  UK, Milton Keynes Bowl - The Craufurd Arms

14/03/  UK, Wakefield - Warehouse 23

15/03/  UK, Kendal - Bootleggers Bar

19/03/  UK, Stockton - The Georgian Theatre

20/03/  UK, Bolton - The Railway

21/03/  UK, Sheffield - The Corporation

22/03/  UK, Winchester - The Railway Inn

26/03/  GERMANY, Freiburg - Waldsee

27/03/  GERMANY, Duisburg - Parkhaus

28/03/  HOLLAND, Frieschepalen - Ma Kelly's Cafe

30/03/  FRANCE, Paris - La Boule Noire

31/03/  HOLLAND, Haarlem - Patronaat Cafe

02/04/  HOLLAND, Beverwijk - Broer en Zus

03/04/  HOLLAND, Deest - T'Zwaantje

05/04/  UK, Tring - Court Theatre

27/08/  UK, Brixton - The Windmill

20/10/  UK, Bury St. Edmunds - The Apex*

22/10/  UK, Southampton - The Brook*

23/10/  UK, London - O2 Brooklyn Bowl*

24/10/  UK, Frome - The Cheese & Grain*

25/10/  UK, Turnbridge Wells - Assembly Hall*




12/03/  UK, London - Kensington Olympia (London Bass Guitar Show 2016)




Line-Up 2017/18: John Edwards (voc,b,g), Matthew Starritt (g,harp,voc), Jim Kirkpatrick+ (g), Russell Gilbrook (dr), Jo Webb# (g)

Setlist 2017/18: One Note blues, Republican, My Name Is Stan, Bellavista Man, Two Way Traffic, Gravy Train, Busy Doin' Nothing, Get out Of Denver, Obstruction Day, Jungle Love, Lucinda, Mine all Mine, Secretary, Bad News, Spend Spend Spend, Paper Plane, Jam Side Down.




05/05/  UK, Evesham - The Iron Road# (with Jo Webb on guitar)

12/05/  UK, London - 100 Club

13/05/  UK, Horsham - Holbrook Club | 80'min. AUD Quality: 4

18/05/  UK, Kendal - Bootleggers

20/05/  UK, Glasgow - Ivory Blacks

23/05/  HOLLAND, Frieschepalen - Ma Kelly's

26/05/  GERMANY, Duisburg - Das Parkhaus

11/08/  GERMANY, Dautphe - Hausplatz (Open-Air)




16/01/  UK, London - The Water Rats+

17/01/  UK, London - Shepherd's Bush+ (support to King King)

18/01/  UK, Birmingham - Town Hall+ (support to King King)

20/01/  UK, Bath - Forum+ (support to King King)

31/03/  UK, Horsham - The Holbrook Club+

06/04/  UK, Evesham - The Iron Road+

07/04/  UK, Stockport - Bluefunk Rhythm & Blues Club+

13/04/  UK, London - Half Moon+° (guest: Freddie Edwards)

14/04/  UK, Coalville - Vic Biker's Pub+

15/04/  UK, Mansfield - The Diamond+ | 83'min. AUD Quality: 3

19/04/  UK, Kendal - Bootleggers+


Line-Up: John Edwards (voc,b,g), Jim Kirkpatrick+ (g), Richard Newman (drums), Craig Joiner (g), Freddie Edwards° (g), Russell Taylor# (g), Leon Cave* (drums), Richie Malone^ (g).

Setlist 2019: Two Way Traffic, Cougar, Gravy Train, Spacemaker, Secretary, Busy Doing Nothing, Back In The USSR, One Note Blues, Belavista Man, Mony Mony, Jungle Love, For Your Accuse Me, Jam Side Down, Spend Spend Spend, Bad News, Never Too Old To Rock'n Roll, Ob LaDi Ob La Da, Mine All Mine, My Name Is Stan,  Get Out Of Denver

Additional songs performed: New New New, Famous, I'm a Rocker, The Stranger One, Old Time Rock and Roll, Lucille, Roll Over Beethoven, Once Bitten Twice Shy, I Saw Her Standing There, Born To Be Wild, The Stealer, You Really Got Me and Never Too Old (new Quo Track), Shady Lady, Paper Plane.


Tour Notes: The 2017 gigs featured FM Bandmember Jim Kirkpatrick on lead guitar and Uriah Heep's brilliant drummer Russell Gilbrook.


On the 2018/19 gigs Rhino supports SAVE THE RHINO INTERNATIONAL and will make a donation to it from profits of the tour. In addition, the merchandise stand will be hosting collection buckets at all shows, with contributions passed directly to SAVE THE RHINO INTERNATIONAL.


At the Duisburg gig guitarist Craig Joiner collapsed on stage (suspected a heart attack) and the show were stopped. So Freddie Edwards flew in from London the other day to play the last gig on their tour at Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany. 


All 2020 UK and European "Never Too Old" shows in August and September has been cancelled and rescheduled to 2022 as a consequence of the on-going Covid 19 situation.





20/04/  UK, Keighley - Octagon Live

21/04/  UK, Kinross - Backstage Green Hotel

22/04/  UK, Stoke - Eleven

25/04/  UK, Dover - The Priory

26/04/  FRANCE, Paris - La Boule Noire

27/04/  GERMANY, Duisburg - Das Parkhaus

28/04/  GERMANY, Rotenburg an der Fulda° - Bürgersaal am Bahnhof

05/05/  IRELAND, Port Laois - Kavanagh's Bar# (guest: Richie Malone)

07/12/  UK, Dover - The Priory+

08/12/  UK, Winchester - The Railway Inn+

09/12/  UK, Kingston/London - The Ram Jam Club+

13/12/  UK, Stoke On Trent - Eleven+

14/12/  UK, Troon - Concert Hall+

15/12/  UK, Stockport - Bluefunk Rhythm & Blues Club+

16/12/  UK, Chesterfield - Real Time Live+




20/01/  UK, Skegness - Butlins Resort+ (UK Rock & Blues Festival)

26/01/  UK, Minehead - Butlins+ (Giant of Rock Festival)

24/02/  UK, Birmingham - New Bingley Hall+ (The Guitar Show 2019)

19/04/  FRANCE, Paris - La Boule Noire

21/04/  FRANCE, Lyon - Rock'n Eat

27/04/  AUSTRIA, Graz - American Roadhouse+

03/05/  UK,Dover - The Priory+

04/05/  UK, Winchester - The Railway Inn+

05/05/  UK, Chesterfield - Real Time Live+ | 95'min. AUD Quality: 3 +

09/05/  UK, Kendal - Bootleggers+

10/05/  UK, Kinross - Backstage at the Green Hotel+

11/05/  UK, Kinross - Backstage at the Green Hotel+

12/05/  UK, Kinross - Backstage at the Green Hotel+ (Charity event "Concert for kids)

18/05/  GERMANY, Ratingen Homberg+ (private Party) | 101' min. AUD Quality: 3 - 4

24/05/  UK, Putney/London - The Half Moon+ 

25/05/  UK, Horsham - The Holbrook Club+

27/09/  UK, Minehead - Butlin's+ (3rd Status Quo Fanclub Convention)

12/10/  UK, London - The Half Moon Putney+ (Rick Parfitt Tribute Evening)





18/01/  UK, Skegness - Butlins Resort+ (UK Rock & Blues Festival)

01/02/  UK, Peterborough - East Of England Arena+ (Motorsport show 1pm + 9pm shows)

02/02/  UK, Peterborough - East Of England Arena+ (Motorsport show 12pm midday shows)





30/10/  UK, London - Half Moon Putney° (Guests Craig Joiner & Mae Edwards)


Due to illness, all dates on the Rhino's Revenge UK Tour from Jan 14th to Feb 6th 2022, are cancelled.

Rhino and Richard Newman tested positive for Covid-19, Rhino has struggled to recover ever since and symptoms have now affected his voice. For the sake of his own health and the safety of others, the tour cannot now go ahead. There are no plans at the moment to reschedule all shows.


Although medical advice is that Rhino should rest until the end of january, his recovery from Covid-19 continues apace and he has been given the all clear to rock again from February. “I’m utterly gutted about the tour, but these three shows are just the tonic and I am so excited about being able to get back in the saddle.”


As a consolation Rhino's first 16-track live album called "Charge" is available now from his website


                   charge           charge2 4890-n




Rhino's Revenge line-Up: John "Rhino" Edwards (vocals, bass), Craig Joiner (gutiars, backin' vocals), Leon Cave (drums, backin' vocals) 

Guests: Freddie Edwards° (guitar), Richie Malone^ (guitar, vocals) 


12/01/  UK, Teddington - Constitutional Club°

14/01/  UK, Skegness - Butlins Resort° (UK Rock & Blues Festival

27/05/  BELGIUM, Aarsele - OC Aarsele^ (guest Richie Malone) 

01/06/  AUSTRIA, Wien - Riegen Live

02/06/  AUSTRIA, Velden - Bluesiana

03/06/  AUSTRIA, Graz - mo.xx | 99'min. AUD Quality: 4

26/08/  UK, Aviemore - Thunder In The Glens Festival

06/10/  UK, Teddington - Constitutional Club (Album launch day)

07/10/  UK, Sedgefield - Village Hall

08/10/  UK, Llandudno - Motorsport Lounge

14/10/  UK, Leicester - The Musician

15/10/  UK, Chesterfield - Real Time Live

17/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

18/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

19/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

20/10/  UK, Hull - The Wrecking Ball

21/10/  UK, Kinross - Backstage at the Green Hotel

22/10/  UK, Poynton - Bluefunk Rhythm & Blues Club

28/10/  UK, Winchester - The Railway Inn

29/10/  UK, London Putney - The Half Moon (Matinee show)

30/10/  UK, Stoke Row - The Crooked Billet

02/11/  UK, Shoreham by Sea - Ropetackle Arts Center

03/11/  UK, Dover - The Priory

30/11/  UK, Chelmsford - Thew Hot Box (rescheduled from 12.10.)



Please note that VIP packages can be purchased only from the Rhino Store at

A polite notice:
If you're thinking of attending any of the tour dates please book the advance ticket ahead of on the night entrance charge. It gives the venue confidence that the gig can actually go ahead with reduced stress that pa hire and even hotels for the musicians can be booked in advance ( much cheaper) .. Some gigs do get pulled within days to go due to low advance ticket figures..! 




22/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

23/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

24/10/  UK, Barnoldswick - Music & Arts Centre

27/10/  UK, London Putney - The Half Moon (Matinee show)