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Band members: Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan, Bob Young* (Harmonica)
Main Setlist:
  Junior's Wailing, Someones Learning, In My Chair, Umleitung, Railroad*, Is It Really Me/Gotta Go Home,
Big Fat Mama, Paper Plane, Don't waste My time, Roadhouse Blues*, Mean Girl, Bye Bye Johnny.
Additional/unusual songs performed: Caroline, Softer Ride, Nanana, Unspoken Words.
Tour Crew: Bob Young (Tour Manager), Mal Kingsnorth (Sound engineer/Equipment), Paul Robert Lodge (Roadie/Stage Equipment) Management: Gaff Management Manager: Colin Johnson / Billy Gaff 

Tour Note: *support to T-Rex Gigs in Germany, promoted by Mama Concerts and their first ever  **US Tour - support to Savoy Brown and Mandrill and a co-headline tour with UK rockers Slade (Australia). 03.02.1973 Adelaide - Wayville Showgrounds cancelled due to Parfitt's hand injury. Also cancelled: Lund, Sweden 14.8.1973, Bilzen Jazz Festival Belgium, 17.8.1973 and New Zealand Tour 1973 - 7.9. Auckland YMCA, 8.9. Wellington St. James Theatre and 9.9. Christchurch Town Hall. Their Gig in Neckarsulm 12.12.1972 was moved to 18.12.1972.





24/11/  UK, Maidstone - College of Arts

25/11/  UK, Leeds - University (support band Crowbar)
26/11/  UK, Guildford - Civic Hall (support band Byzantium)
28/11/  UK, London - Marquee Club
| 25' min.  TV  Quality: 4
30/11/  UK, Manchester - Hard Rock Theatre (support Steve Ellis Home)
01/12/  UK, London - New Cross Goldsmiths College

08/12/  UK, Kings Lynn - Corn Exchange(support Elder Kindred)
09/12/  UK, Coventry - College of Education (support Stealers Wheel)
10/12/  UK, Blackpool - Opera House (with The Faces)

13/12/  GERMANY, Bad Godesberg/Muffendorf - Underground (*Midday Rehearsals - warm-up Gig cancelled)

14/12/  GERMANY, Germersheim - Stadthalle (support Blues Session)

15/12/  GERMANY, Augsburg - Kongresshalle (support Professor Wolfff Ensemble) 

16/12/  GERMANY, Weißenohe - To Act (support Mocadan Rocheé)
18/12/  GERMANY, Neckarsulm - Pauls-Saal (support Blues Session) *postponed from 12.12.

19/12/  GERMANY, Köln - Theater am Weisshaus
21/12/  UK, London Mile End - Sundown (support Byzantium)
22/12/  UK, Walthamstow - Waltham Forest Tech College

23/12/  UK, Malvern - Winter Gardens (support Snake Eye)
29/12/  UK, Grays Thurrock - Civic Hall (support Fusion Orchestra)
30/12/  UK, Cambridge - Corn Exchange (support SnakeEye)
31/12/  UK, Croydon - Greyhound Hotel (support Byzantium)





06/01/  UK, London - Rainbow Theatre (support JSD Band)
07/01/  UK, Stevenage - Locarno

18/01/  UK, Hanley - Heavy Steam Machine

19/01/  UK, Bath - University (support Ducks Deluxe)
20/01/  UK, Dagenham - Village Roundhouse (support Steel Peach)
27/01/  NEW ZEALAND, Auckland - Hamilton Racecourse (with Slade)
28/01/  AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Randwick Racecourt | 50'min. AUD Quality: 3 +
29/01/  AUSTRALIA, Brisbane - Lang Park Oval (with Slade)
31/01/  AUSTRALIA, Perth - Subiaco Oval (with Slade)
01/02/  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne - Festival Hall
04/02/  AUSTRALIA, Melbourne - Showgrounds (Slade first act)

05/02/  AUSTRALIA, Canberra - Showgrounds

16/02/  GERMANY, Essen - Grugahalle* (support to T-Rex)

17/02/  GERMANY, Hamburg - Planten un Blomen Halle 7* (support to T-Rex)

18/02/  GERMANY, Nürnberg - Messehalle* (support to T-Rex)

19/02/  AUSTRIA, Vienna - Stadthalle* (support to T-Rex)

20/02/  GERMANY, Offenbach - Stadthalle* (support to T-Rex)

22/02/  GERMANY, Saarbrücken - Sporthalle* (support to T-Rex)

23/02/  GERMANY, München - Deutsches Museum* (support to T-Rex)

24/02/  GERMANY, Köln - Sporthalle* (support to T-Rex)

25/02/  GERMANY, Mannheim - VFR Sporthalle* (support to T-Rex)

01/03/  UK, London - Paris Theatre | 56' min. FM Quality: 5 

02/03/  UK, Hastings - Pier Ballroom (support Finbow)

03/03/  UK, Southend-on-Sea - Kursaal Ballroom

07/03/  UK, Glasgow - Greens Playhouse

09/03/  UK, Chatham - Central Hall (support Byzantium)
12/03/  UK, Manchester - Free Trade Hall (support Byzantium)
14/03/  UK, Sheffield - City Hall (support Byzantium)
15/03/  UK, Preston - Guildhall (support Byzantium)
16/03/  UK, Leeds - Town Hall (support Byzantium)
17/03/  UK, Liverpool - Royal Court (support Byzantium)
19/03/  UK, Norwich - St. Andrews Hall (support Byzantium)
20/03/  UK, Newcastle - City Hall (support Byzantium)
21/03/  UK, Glasgow - Greens Playhouse | 80' min. AUD Quality: 2
22/03/  UK, Edinburgh - Caley Picture House (support Byzantium)
23/03/  UK, Hanley - Victoria Hall (support Byzantium)

24/03/  UK, St. Albans - City Hall (support Byzantium)
26/03/  UK, Southampton - Guildhall (support Byzantium)
27/03/  UK, Reading - Town Hall (support Byzantium)
28/03/  UK, Tunbridge Wells - Assembly Hall (support Byzantium)
29/03/  UK, Guildford - Civic Hall (support Byzantium)
30/03/  UK, Penzance - The Gardens (support Byzantium)
31/03/  UK, Plymouth - Guildhall (support Byzantium)
02/04/  UK, Leicester - De Montfort Hall (support Byzantium)
04/04/  UK, Birmingham - Town Hall (support Byzantium)
05/04/  UK, Oxford - Town Hall (support Byzantium)
06/04/  UK, London - Rainbow Theatre (support Byzantium)

07/04/  UK, London - Rainbow Theatre (support Byzantium)

09/04/  UK, Bristol Colstron Hall (support Byzantium)
10/04/  IRELAND, Dublin - National Stadium (support Time Machine) | 80' min. AUD Quality: 3

14/04/  UK, Northamptonshire - County Cricket Club

21/04/  UK, Bracknell - Sports Centre (support Snow Leopard)

27/04/  UK, Sunderland - Locarno (Support Good Habit + John Peel Disco)
02/05/  USA, Los Angeles - Whiskey A Go Go (for Press & Record Companies only)
03/05/  USA, Santa Monica - Civic Auditorium (with Slade)
04/05/  USA, Los Angeles - Whiskey A Go Go (support Topaz)
05/05/  USA, Los Angeles - Whiskey A Go Go (support Topaz) 
06/05/  USA, Los Angeles - Whiskey A Go Go (support Topaz)

11/05/  USA, Portland - Paramount Theatre (support to Savoy Brown)

12/05/  USA, Seattle - Paramount (support to Savoy Brown)

13/05/  CANADA, Vancouver - PNE Gardens**

15/05/  CANADA, Edmonton - Alberta Fieldhouse**

16/05/  USA, Boise Idaho - Fair Buildings**

18/05/  USA, Phoenix - Plaza Assembly Hall**

19/05/  USA, San Diego - Community Concourse (with Savoy Brown, Dr.Hook)
20/05/  USA, Los Angeles - Hollywood Palladium**
23/05/  USA, San Jose - Santa Clara County Fairgrounds**

24/05/  USA, Las Vegas - Coliseum**

25/05/  USA, Corpus Christi Texas - Coliseum**

26/05/  USA, Odessa Texas - Ector County Coliseum**

27/05/  USA, El Paso - Coliseum*

29/05/  USA, Dallas - Bronco Bowl**

31/05/  USA, Davenport - Masonic Temple**

01/06/  USA, Hammond - Civic Center (support to Savoy Brown, Blue Öyster Cult) 
02/06/  USA, Chicago - Kinetic Playground (with The Flock and Savoy Brown)

03/06/  USA, Lincoln - Pershing Auditorium (with Savoy Brown, Canned Heat, Blue Öyster Cult)

04/06/  USA, Denver - Draft House Colorado

05/06/  USA, Denver - Draft House Colorado
06/06/  USA, Denver - Draft House Colorado
07/06/  USA, Ohio - Draft House Akron

11/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley)

12/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley)
13/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley)
14/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley)
15/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley) Quo maybe cancelled!
16/06/  USA, Atlanta - Richard’s (with Tim Buckley) Quo maybe cancelled!
17/06/  USA, Akron - Draft House (with Manfred Mann's Earth Band)
18/06/  USA, Cleveland - Smiling Dog Saloon (with Climax Blues Band)
19/06/  USA, New Jersey - Fat City, Seaside Heights

20/06/  USA, New Jersey - Fat City, Seaside Heights

21/06/  USA, Camden / New Jersey - Arlo Theatre (climax Blues Band, Manfred Mann's Earth Band)
23/06/  USA, New York - Academy Of Music (with Savoy Brown, Manfred Mann & ELO) 

25/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

26/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

27/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

28/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

29/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

30/06/  USA, Boston - Katy's

01/07/  USA, Boston - Katy's

14/07/  UK, Dunstable - Civic Hall (support Curly)

20/07/  UK, Redruth - Flamingo Club
21/07/  UK, Torquay - Town Hall (supported by Andy Bown Band)
28/07/  UK, Hastings - Pier Ballroom (supported by Andy Bown Band)
02/08/  SWITZERLAND, Zürich - Volkshaus (support Iceberg)
03/08/  SWITZERLAND, Geneve - Patinoire des Vernets (support Iceberg)
04/08/  SWITZERLAND, Ascona - Open Air Festival (support Iceberg)
11/08/  FINLAND, Turku - Ruissalo Island Rouisrock Festival (with John Martyn, Vinegar Joe and Wizzard)
13/08/  SWEDEN, Stockholm - Gröna Lund | 80' min. AUD Quality: 2 +
25/08/  UK, Reading - Festival | 75' min. AUD Quality: 3

13.12.1972 - Quo started their german tour in Bonn-Bad Godesberg in a tiny club called Underground. Coming overnight from England the band rehearsed their new full set in front of "some curious guests" around midday because the band was so loud and the neighbourhood of the tiny village Muffendorf went to the club to Quo's surprise and checked their Rehearsals. After their Rehearsals and some more soundchecks the band was heavily pissed off because the backstage area was the living room from the family Wölki, the owners of the club. Funny enough, the hole family was sitting in the living room with the band  includes their old grandmother. She  watched TV the hole day. Without any privacy the band was too upset and made a dicision to leave the club only 3 hours before the start of the regular gig in the evening. (see newspaper cutting below)




29.12.1972 - The Gig at Grays Civic Hall ended prematurely halfway through the set. A drunken "fan" got on the stage and a fight developed shortly. Francis and Rick seemed careful to keep back but Alan and John went mental. It all died down but the drum kit was all over the place and the gig clearly had to end.

22.01.1973Quo's first trek to Australia and New Zealand. This would become a regular trip during the 1970's and, on their first tour, QUO played as support band to UK glam rockers "Slade". The most serious problem that the crew, audience and bands had to overcome was heavy downpours of rain. At one show in Sydney, some nine inches of rain fell, while in Melbourne 25.000 fans had to endure a cloud burst. In Auckland even more rainfall was recorded. Only in Australia's capital Canberra did any performances have to be cancelled, and this was due to a power strike!

03.02.1973 - Quo sadly cancelled their Adelaide show due to Ricks hand injury. Not sure what the background was but there appears to be a picture of said hand on the inside sleeve of “On The Level”. Here is a fantastic website with great infos about the Australian Tour with Slade, Caravan and Lindisfarne:

04.02.1973 - In Melbourne, the outdoor concert was marred by heavy rain, which began at midday and continued until evening, despite the fact that Melbourne was in the grip of a drought at the time. Because of this, the order of performance was changed with Caravan appearing first, then Lindisfarne, then Slade and finally Status Quo. Normally Slade, the headline act, would have appeared last. Noddy Holder claims in his book, Who's Crazee Now?, that Melbourne was the only gig on that tour that was dry. In fact, due to no canopy, Status Quo got sunburnt during their performance prior to Slade going on last. This was certainly not the case in Sydney as the announcer can clearly be heard telling the audience that Status Quo will be on soon. 

Slade drummer Don Powell wrote in his Diary about this tour: "We were on our first Australian tour with Status Quo, LindIsfarne & Caravan.
We found out, but only when we got to Australia, that ‘Slade Alive’ had gone ‘Gold’ 6 times and we had 3 singles in their Top 20. As we were travelling around all you ever heard on the radio was us - much to the disdain of the other bands on the tour - who kept on saying ”Oh no, not you lot again!” We got to Ranwick Race Course to find a 60,000 crowd waiting for the pouring rain. And the crowd were all over the stage with us, as they didn’t have enough security. We were not expecting that reaction. All the bands nearly got deported as we all were a mite rowdy on our internal flights. One such flight the captain threatened to land his plane at the next airport and throw us all off. When Francis Rossi (of Quo) spilt his drink as the, plane hit turbulence, he decided to take his jeans off and walk to the front of the plane, holding his wet jeans to complain to the Captain. Slade and Quo have been the, best of mates ever since....

01.03.1973London Paris Theatre - this gig was recorded by the BBC and pressed onto a transcription vinyl disc in limited quantities. This is one of the rarest QUO recordings and has been heavily bootlegged, both on vinyl and CD ("Roadhouse Blues" and "It Was Just A Good Name - and One That we All Liked")

02.05.1973 - The above US/CANADA dates are direct from a crew-members personal archives and more details are still being sought on dates after this. The band appeared to split from the Savoy Brown schedule at this time. The band paid $ 2020,- for 4 nights (one gig was cancelled  because of Rossi,s bad throat ... ) at the famous Whiskey A Go Go Club in Los Angles and $ 750,- for 3 nights at the San Francisco Matrix Club and cancelled two further shows with Tim Buckley (15/16. June 1973) at Atlanta's finest Rock Club "Richards" (Quo played 4 shows in a row with Tim Buckley) 

22.06.1973 - The friday gig at the famous New York Academy of Music with Savoy Brown, ELO and Manfred Mann was cancelled. 

25.08.1973Reading Festival - another notable festival appearance for QUO. The headline act was The Faces with performances also by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Striders, Lindisfarne and Chris Barber. Quo's set featured Junior's Wailing, Someone's Learning, In My Chair, Railroad, Don't Waste My Time, Caroline, Gotta Go Home and Roadhouse Blues.